[urq] Eibach Springs?? Help!

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BTW 100VA sounds like H&R  number....
Was it 810 22 100VA?

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When I installed the Eibachs on my car I got them all on  only to find that I 
had them back to front. The front was WAY down (I'm  talking low rider here) 
and the rear was correspondingly too high. My  numbers were 055 rear and 100VA 
front. That doesn't match any numbers you  show, and your car doesn't look as 
far off as mine did when they were  switched. Your's looks like it is setting 
higher than mine currently all  around.

Are you sure they are the right springs?

Alas- you're right. The springs I bought were used H&Rs, and came  in an 
Eibach box. I'll dig further for the complete numbers. To also refernce  another 
post thse H&Rs lowered my car 1.5" front and 1.75" rear. I love the  look, and 
the ride so far.
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