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I'm getting a lot done on my quattro and I do intend to drive it. BUT. If I
were making a 50 mile or more round trip everyday I'd buy a Sentra SE R Spec
V. I drove one a few weeks ago when looking for a car for my kid. That car
had 24K miles, cost $13K and was fun as sin.

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We are looking at replacing our 01 S4 Avant in the
near future. And frankly I can't justify buying
another Audi. I've recommended Accord's (4cyl) to all
my younger siblings as they don't have an Audi shop or
quick access to parts and are not an enthusiast as I
am. The parts dept. at the local dealer here tries to
help me with my 84 urq and 85 4ksq but some prices are
just ridiculous. Salesman have told me the only reason
for an urq is for track days. It's actually more
comfortable and has a longer range than the S4, modern
conveniences are much better in the S4. Anyway the S4
took 3 trips to get the headlights aimed right it cost
over $800 to have the control arms replaced, and 3
trips for what I insisted was wheel bearings was
dismissed as wheel cuppage. $1000 later with new tires
and still noisy wheel bearings were found to be the
problem. Oh yeah and the tire store caught a badly
bent rear wheel after the dealer had looked 3
different times for a problem. Then I received a
letter in the mail from the dealer asking me to give
them great reviews so they could get an incentive. So
believe me Urq's are not the only family members being
treated badly. The techs seem to be uninformed and
don't seem to stay around long. Replacing a 02 sensor
on the S4 dealer price $220 Blau $150 with $15 off
that price. Its a hassle owning an Audi and newer
owners are finding this out. A great interior with
alot of standard stuff doesn't bode well with little
knowledge and bad service and parts that are sky high.
What if any options do I have to replace an S4 with in
their range, 14mpg from the V8 isn't going to happen.
I love quattro's but I can't recommend them. They seem
to me, to be an enthusiast only car, even though they
can do so many things so well. To hear so many of us
say we are looking at Acuras and Infinitis they're are
more than a few problems. Weight,power, mileage,
service and parts are just too much to overlook when
considering vehicles in the same or lesser price
range. I consider my Urq and S4 as outside the main
stream with considerable sporting and all weather
capabilties and the compromise I make to me is
justified. I just don't think I can make that
compromise with every car I own. That might be around
4 cents, and I didn't even address my misgivings for
the STI and Evo's. Sorry to rant but it seems more of
us are having problems with this. Todd

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