[urq] air fuel gauges and other special electronic gizmos

Patrick Carlier p.carlier at pandora.be
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I'"ll second that .

I've also got an LM-1 unit , and I can confirm that it is
worth every penny of the investement .
Very professional , very accurate .
Very big  housing also :)  I expectied it to be half the size it is .

I'm playing with various megasquirt efi setups , so a wideband is
the tool to have .

The sensor itself can be obtained for about 39 $ .


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> I have been gaining experience with computer controls
> with my A4 1.8T race car, where airfuel ratio is critical.
> I have Split Second AFR gauges in cars that have been seriously
> modified (930,S6, and A4) and find that the narrow band old technology
> is nice, and the lights show me general AFR, but the new technology
> is now the wide band units that are much more accurate, and data
> logging.
> These used to be quite expensive, and the 5 wire oxy sensors very
> costly.
> Now the sensors are under $100 and the gauges are under $400 instead of
> the
> $000's several years ago.
> We are trying out this LM-1 unit that gives real time AFR numbers on a
> digital screen that can be downloaded with a laptop.  We are also
> installing a new splitsecond piggyback controller that will enable us
> to reprogram timing and afr throughout the rev range.  We are doing mods
> on the A4, different turbo, front mount intercooler, larger
> injectors, special software, and other stuff and have too rich a mixture
> that we are having difficulty getting customized programming through
> Garrett
> (GIAC) so now we can do it ourselves, essentially.  We are approximately
> (confirmed by dyno) about 250 wheel hp with the A4 but with several
> problems
> we have corrected.  The older Greddy profec boost controller was unable
> to
> hold 22 psi boost pressure at high rpm, and would bleed off through
> integral
> wastegate as the solenoids were incapable of producing enough vacuum to
> hold
> the diaphragm shut. A new Profec B series II corrected that problem.
> Too
> much information on a non-3B engine, so will end here.
> We also have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator on the car, similar
> to the one you can buy from ECS.
> Essentially a dyno in a box.  The LM-1 can be shifted from car to car,
> after each car has a special oxy sensor installed, and is prewired to
> plug the unit in.
> Several tests using this system will easily pay for itself vs. dyno
> time.
> http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/
> We will be using this same system on our urq with modified AAN engine
> to get the proper ratios from the K26/27 turbo and SQ manifold working
> with the RS2 hardware.  This process will be a fast learning curve.
> The piggyback controller from Split Second
> Split Second
> 1949 East Deere Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705
> TEL: (949) 863-1359 FAX: (949) 863-1363
> can be found here:
> http://www.splitsec.com/
> I mention all this, as the new wide band technology is really worth
> investigating, the narrowband is just not very useful in comparison.
> Phil
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