[urq] 2.5 Stoker w/ RS2

Rich Letsinger ricoletsinger at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 14:19:19 EDT 2004


No stroker here, but it's an interesting idea.  I'm
now running a K26/27 turbo with a rebuilt 3B but stock
cylinder bore and pistons.  The rods and main/head
studs are upgraded parts, and I used all of the
improved AAN stuff like rod bearings.  I'm running a
manual boost controller at the moment because my
chip's boost map needs some tweaking to work right
with the bigger turbo.  The timing/fueling map with
RS2 MAF, 3B injectors and raised fuel pressure is
still right on according to my WB-O2 setup.

Anyway, the lag isn't too bad.  Granted it's worse
than the RS2 and much worse than a K24, or a pair of
K03s for that matter.  But by 4K RPM it's at full boil
and puts very little heat into the intake track.  I
have not been to the dyno yet, but I'd bet she's
making a solid 400hp.  I'm off to PIR in a couple
weeks to see how I fare against the modified 2.7t


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