[urq] Re: B5 S4 vs A8 Rotors

Daniel Jones captaudi at bellatlantic.net
Sun Sep 19 19:21:51 EDT 2004


Go further with this. The way I read it the difference between the A8 rotor
and the B5 S4 rotor is the height of the hat section, and this difference is
identical to the offset difference between a 5kt/urq hub and the urS4 hub.
If that is the case then the B5 S4 rotor with the TT cradle becomes a bolt
up to the urS4 and the converted 200q20v/v8 cars.

Can you confirm this?


Dan Jones
91 200q20v mit G60's
85 urq mit G60's

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If your car has the conversion to S4 (early 90s) G60 brakes, THAT S4 rotor
will work.

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