[urq] Dialynx Radiators

W Stedman wstedman at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 22 10:59:55 EDT 2004

OH Dialynx The one that claims It's a direct replacement with out any
modifications (WRIGHT) I have heard from several people they had to do
drilling to make it fit correctly. I was not impressed by the
workmanship in their radiators and I don't like the look of the stamped
top cap they use?
I am very curious to why a lot of people don't look around at some of
the shops in the US that specialize in custom aluminum radiators.
They can custom build one for less then what it would cost from  Dialynx
or 2 b and look and perform a lot better too. I had Ron Davis in Az. Do
one for me and I didn't have any problems with the fitment either.
My 2 cent's

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