[urq] Dialynx Radiators and Intercoolers

Rich Letsinger ricoletsinger at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 20:35:17 EDT 2004


That may be overstaing things.  A lot.  The 2Bennett
intercooler still heat soaks very easily.  I've found
it to cool back off much better than the stock or
Dialynx intercoolers, but it's still insufficient.  I
have been running it with a RS2 turbo on a 3B at about
20 PSI.  I'm now installing a K26/27 turbo which
should put much less heat into the compressed air. 
I'll report back in a couple more weeks when she's
running again.


--- Jack Walker <jwalker at ivey.com> wrote:

> Andrew,
> We live and learn, there is a ton of information on
> the internet, a lot
> of it is hearsay. Not to mean what you or anyone
> else's information they
> have said is hearsay. Let me extract my foot from
> face.
> Thanks for your information. Exactly why I post,
> read, and listen.
> What is your experience with the 2Bennett IC? How
> specifically do you
> use it, track only, street, a little of each?
> Rich Letsinger seems very pleased with his 2B IC for
> track usage.
> Jack
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> 2Bennett intercoolers are not the same thing as
> Dialynx intercoolers. I've owned both and the
> 2Bennett
> one is much larger. I am also not convinced that
> 2Bennett's radiator is the same thing as Dialynx's,
> having seen them side by side, but they are much
> closer in apperance than their intercoolers are.
> Andrew Finney
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