[urq] To Tilton or not....

The Corbs c.corbishley at comcast.net
Thu Sep 23 08:34:16 EDT 2004

I have one, got it from Keith Anderson with instructions.  Easy install.

Essential if you mess with bigger brakes up front IMHO.

Still works fine for me.

John Corbs
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Dear listers,

Well I'm on a brake theme with my urq lately!

My brake is valve is leaking quite a bit after the UPG excitement... A
replacement looks like $165 at Blau and similar at Clair etc. I am not
aware of any refurbishers?

I have heard that a few of you have fitted a Tilton adjustable bias
The Tilton valve is about $100, but involves modifying the brake line
plumbing a little: The Tilton is a two port device, the OEM valve has
three ports with a Tee joining one front line to the master cylinder &
bias valve (this must be a safety failure mechanism mentioned in

So, should I go with a Tilton or is the modified plumbing not worth the
$65 up front saving?

Kind regards,

'84 urq.
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