[urq] Dialynx Radiators and Intercoolers

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Thu Sep 23 11:33:48 EDT 2004

FWIW, I have never heard that the 2B intercooler is the same as the Dialynx IC.  The Dialynx IC that I had, and sold to Andrew I believe, is a stock replacement IC.  It is larger than stock and a good upgrade if you want a simple installation, but it is not as big as the 2B unit, which requires that you move the alternator to the driver's side.  

When the Dialynx radiator group buy was done on the ur q list a few years ago (great price BTW, like $350 IIRC), 2B was selling them as well, at higher price.  Perhaps 2B now gets their radiators elsewhere, which would make sense.  Why pay for all that shipping (not to mention middle men) when there are plenty of good radiator fabrication companies here in the US, like Griffin, Fluidyne, etc.   I know of at least three ur qs with Fluidyne radiators, so perhaps they might be a company to approach for a group buy (no I am definitely not volunteering).  The ur q radiator will also fit the B3 and B4 chassis cars, so the guys doing S2 or RS2 conversions may also be interested.


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RE: [urq] Dialynx Radiators and Intercoolers


We live and learn, there is a ton of information on the internet, a lot
of it is hearsay. Not to mean what you or anyone else's information they
have said is hearsay. Let me extract my foot from face.
Thanks for your information. Exactly why I post, read, and listen.
What is your experience with the 2Bennett IC? How specifically do you
use it, track only, street, a little of each?
Rich Letsinger seems very pleased with his 2B IC for track usage.


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 [urq] Dialynx Radiators and Intercoolers

2Bennett intercoolers are not the same thing as
Dialynx intercoolers. I've owned both and the 2Bennett
one is much larger. I am also not convinced that
2Bennett's radiator is the same thing as Dialynx's,
having seen them side by side, but they are much
closer in apperance than their intercoolers are.

Andrew Finney
1983 and 1984 UrQs.


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