[urq] I love this car TOO

AudiQtroCp at aol.com AudiQtroCp at aol.com
Sat Sep 25 01:20:25 EDT 2004

On the way home tonight there was a kid in front of me in a Rally Edition  
Lancer *yawn*
It had a nice big ol' exhaust hanging beneath its striking yellow  shell.
He was glancing back at me in his mirror and when the light turned green he  
jumped away from the light and started his left turn.
If he did not know what the UrQ really was he was surely soon to find  out.  
I know its not a fair fight but i leasurely drove the UrQ right up  his ass as 
he was trying to gain distance  lol
At the stop sign he still felt froggy and jumped for it.  This time I  
coordinated the Uber Launch and shocked even myself.  All four tires  spinning in 
first I left him like he had chosen reverse for his gear of battle. 
Man this car is fkn quick  :o}
It just so happened that he reached his destination by the next opportunity  
to turn off that particular street, never even showing his face again as I  
slowed to a riduculous speed to rub it in.
Dont try this at home, professional driver on a closed course, all other  
disclaimers apply, but it sure was fun  :O}

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