[urq] Coolant temp sensor

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 18:27:42 EDT 2005

Yep - that is what I did!
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  Hey Ben,

  Just my $.02 - I personally wouldn't mess with that sensor. Now, if there was a Tee installed that accomodated both sensors, that'd be one thing, but if the PO has "tapped" into the wire, I don't think that is a good idea. My recommendation is to get one of the multi-sensor water flanges from a 4k or 5k and install a separate sender for the analog gauge in that flange. You might also want to remove the sender for the ECU, make sure it is nice and clean while you're in there.


  >>> "Ben Swann" <benswann at comcast.net> 04/05/05 12:12 PM >>>

  The P.O. has bridged the wire for a temp guage into the coolant temp sensor
  wire on my '83 with  WX.  Is this throwing off my ECU - temp sensor located
  near cooling neck & #1 cyl in the head and is the only one I see on this
  engine.  Where is the cooling guage sensor on this engine - is there one
  installed by factory?

  I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the weirdness I have not
  seemed to isolate yet - coughing/backfiring on startup and hesistation under
  full load.  Just replaced CPR and car runs better, but still the early
  morning cough.


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