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I bought one from Halfords!
The column mount is the same as one of the Golfs (mark1?), but they found it 
when I said it was for a quattro!!
Problem I have seen with most of the new one's adevertised on Ebay etc 
(including the Halfords one) is that they appear too "tall" for that wheel, 
putting the wheel too close to the driver and too far from the stalks.
My 20V wheel came with an older hub from a Audi 100 or something, it didn't 
fit the quattro but was the right height, so I disassembled both and made 
the right size one from the parts.

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Any one know a source (in UK preferably) for the hub/adapter for a three 
spoke  Audi Sport steering wheel (made by Personal) to fit a WR quattro? 
It's the sort fitted to the 20v qyattros and Series 3 80 Sports and RS2s. 
If you know the Personal part number then that would be even better.
Many thanks


'87 WR
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