[urq] Green Hydraulic Oil or Red ATF? Confused...

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Sun Apr 17 22:19:12 EDT 2005

Hi Jim, I should have mentioned also not only the banjo's are sweating, so 
is the steering rack, lower pressure switch (or bottom pressure regulator) 
and the hydraulic pump's back. Or maybe it's just stuff from the banjo's, 
can't tell... Some of it already dissolved the rubber mount for the pressure 
regulator bracket, and the leaking (although very small) steering rack banjo 
bolt is eating the subframe mount as well I'm afraid. Is this normal aging 
or in fact the ATF not being correct? BrozMotroZ last 2 replies got me even 
more confused...

Hmmmm, better investigate this... Maintenance history says ATF Dexron I was 
used early as 1991 when they also replaced the brake servo and yes I've got 
the gold reservoir and blue ref. plates on pump and regulator, ATF all right 

The isham-research article says hydraulic can be used in the ATF system. 
Would it be better to flush (if possible) the ATF remains and switch to the 
green Pentosin stuff or just stick with ATF, like you said before?

Thanks again again,


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If it has the metal gold coloured reservoir on the firewall, it's red ATF
originally. If this is the case and you just drained red ATF, I would refill
with the same.
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Subject: [urq] Green Hydraulic Oil or Red ATF? Confused...

http://www.isham_research.co.uk/quattro/brake_system.html says the original
system used ATF and this should never be used on the later models (MB-RR).
They use the green Hydraulic oil (P/N G 002 000) instead. This can be used
in both systems, old and new.

ETKA also says to use the green hydraulic oil in my car (1986 WR-GV) but
this is not the "so called later car" ! Furthermore, my old hydralic fluid
was coloured RED, I assume this was ATF? I also noticed all of my hydraulic
hoses to and from steering rack, hydraulic pump, pressure regulator etc. are
sweating. Could this be caused by the (wrong) ATF eating it's way out thru?

When the new bomb is put back in, I'll have to refill the reservoir. Of
course, the whole system has some of the old ATF left, can I just mix this
with the green hydraulic oil or do I have the flush the old system and how?
Or should I stick with the red stuff, if it's ATF in the first place...

Thanks again. (arrrgggg)


1986 GV (Swiss WR)
1985 CGT KV
1982 GL DD
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