[urq] Stopping Power: 100%- 50%- 10%- FOLLOW UP

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Mon Apr 18 18:36:07 EDT 2005

Hey guys, remember my brake problem last week? Well, I changed the bomb and filled the PS reservoir with new ATF Dexron II. Ran engine a few minutes and bled the system (by locking the wheels from left to right 5 times -wheels off ground- and topped it off to maximum). Ran engine for 5 minutes again but the pedal is still soft. As a matter of fact it's feels exactly the same like before (no brake feel). 

When I turn off the engine and push it 8-10 times, it gets harder but never really hard, like a faulty bomb, even after +25 times, at this point the pedal feels quit normal, like it used to, only key difference is the engine is now off. When I restart engine, the pedal becomes soft and mushy again, just like before... :-(

When I quickly "slap" the pedal numerous times (while engine running) without pushing it all the way to the floor, I feel counter pressure does come back, if I then push harder, I'll step right thru it, straight to the bottom again, making this prrrrrtwhooooosch sound, like the sound of a wet fart or baby shitting his/her diper.

I'm no expert on brakes and hydraulics, but something tells me is seriously wrong. All I do know there are several possibilties left:

Hydraulic pump (but sounds good to me);
Master Cylinder (already bought rebuild kit);
Proportional valve;
Servo leakdown (saw no red puddles yet);
Pressure regulator (sweating at lower warning switch);
Pressure acumulator aka the bomb (fixed that).

Brake bleeding will be the next step, but perhaps it's already obvious what's wrong?

Thanks again and again and again. Getting little anxious what might to come....


1986 GV (Swiss WR)
1985 CGT KV
1982 GL DD

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