[urq] I'm SO close to giving up - Part 2 (Lean at boost)

fdekat fdekat at sentex.net
Tue Apr 19 10:18:39 EDT 2005

>Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 23:58:26 -0700
>From: "JP Chaplen" <quattrodude at comcast.net>
>Subject: RE: [urq] I'm SO close to giving up - Part 2?

>Ok here is what I found from the Air/Fuel meter...say at 4th gear..at 3K
>rpms...stomp on it..WOT...boost comes up...13psi..Accel good, fuel
>rich...but then starts to lean out at about 4500 and in the red by

>Last thing I can think of swapping is fuel pump at this point?

>Another $150 bucks...anyone think anything else before I sink another
>$150 into it?


Measure the supply voltage at the pump (Connector under the seat) when under
load.  It's sort of a 'known problem' that the wiring to the pump is a bit
suspect.  A new pump won't nessesarilhy improve things, if this is the

When I did the following mod, I noticed that the fuel pump connector under
the seat looked a bit overheated. 

Install a relay down by the battery to feed the pump power directly from the
(fused) battery, with the existing fuel pump feed just being used to turn on
your new relay. 

This mod should give you a bit more voltage at the pump, and also reduce the
current up front in the fusebox.


 -Frank de kat-

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