[urq] O2 sensor output, WAS: I'm SO close to giving up - Part 2?

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Apr 19 20:58:10 EDT 2005

See guys? I'm not the only one!  Seems it was just this Sunday I was
babbling to a handful of the Denver herd about plopping evil little devices
all over the chassis.  I was even trying to goad Steve into adding a logger
module to ProDiag, but he countered with the infuriatingly sensible idea
that there are probably already dozens of PDA loggers available ;-)

10 years ago I would have gone straight to a multidrop RS-4xx rig, but
now I would think you could buy a bag of CAN xceivers for not much
$$$.  My favorite notion is a big red button that you hit when the car
hiccups that snapshots the last 10 seconds of data into a glitch log.


Buchholz, Steven wrote:

>Funny, I've had grandiose plans to instrument the crap out of my engine
>... pressure transducer to monitor fuel pressure (and/or control
>pressure), duty cycle on the OXS Freq Valve, Wideband OXS and EGT on
>each cylinder ... all that to monitor the stock CIS! 

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