[urq] ground point 13, FOUND

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 14:45:09 EDT 2005

This ground wire goes to the fuse panel and provides ground to the
load reduction relay, the intermittent wiper relay, maybe one other. 
You'd think I'd remember since I looked at that several times.  No
sensors of any kind though.

I think I can probably manage to fit some shrink wrap to replace most
of what I cut away.


On 4/21/05, Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> wrote:
> ... what signals are grounded via this path?  In general you would think
> it would be better to ground through the chassis, but if there are
> grounds for things like timing sensors and the like it could well create
> a ground loop and induce noise ...
> I don't know how big the resulting aneurysm is, but if there's any way
> to fit some shrink wrap over it that would be by far the most robust
> solution.  Regular vinyl sleeving would be my second choice.  Electrical
> tape tends to deteriorate with time and temp ... but if you wrap it well
> it should do the job ... just doesn't look as clean as the others IMO.
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> >
> > I started trimming the wiring harness wrap and have found the other
> > end of my fried wire.
> >
> > Ground point 13 is a collection of about 8 ground wires of various
> > gauge that are all just cut and taped together, then wrapped and
> > folded over and wrapped into the wiring harness just near the steering
> > column.
> >
> > I have digital pix if anyone would like to see and/or host them.
> >
> > This particular wire runs from fuse box connector G, tab 31 to this
> > "welded" connection.  I'm going to run a replacement but I wondered if
> > it would matter if I ran it directly to the multi-tab connector
> > (kostal connector?) directly on the kick panel.  Seems to me that
> > might be better if anything.
> >
> > Any suggestions on what to use to rewrap the harness?  I was going to
> > just use electrical tape, but thought I'd check to see if there's
> > something better I could/should use.
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