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Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
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No direct experience with any of these but here's my 2 cents worth...

BFG, never even really look at these.
Bridgestone, eh, don't usually interest me.
Dunlop, I'd probably opt for these, it's a new model and I have had
good experience with other Dunlops over the years.
Falken, passing interest, have a friend who is a fan
Hankook, novelty interest, wouldn't choose them over the Dunlops
Kumho, maybe
Toyo, some interest, they're 91V like the Dunlops, but the higher
treadwear would signal less grip to me.
Yoko, the original db was squirmy on a V8 according to Steve B and had
some weird noise characteristics.  Supposedly v.2 is improved in some
way.  Still I'd opt for the Dunlops.


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I'm looking for new tires for my 82 urq with newly professionally
refinished 7" (in (Y7Y) Fuchs rims.  I'm sticking with the stock look
and spec tire which is 205/60-15 91V, although I'd also consider 90 V
or 91H.

Of the tires I found (at The Tire Rack, Discount Tires Direct and 1010
tires), it seems to come down to (alphabetically arranged):

BF Goodrich g-Force 91V 300-AA-A
Bridgestone Potenza G009 91H 460-A-A
Dunlop SP Sport 01 91V 280-A-A
Falken ZE-512 91H 420-A-A
Hankook Ventus HR ii H 408 91V 340-A-A
Kumho Ectsa ASX 91V 420-A-A
Toyo Proxes TPT 91V 400-A-A
Yokohoma AVS dBS2  90V 320-A-A

Any other recommendations?

Every once in a while I'll take the car to a driver's school where
I'll drive 7/10ths (no interest in breaking the car or bending metal).
I had an earlier version of Toyo 91V tires on the car and was happy
with them.  I use Falken ZE-512 on my '86 5000 CSTQ (same size) and
been happy with them for street use.

The car has H&Rs 3/4" lowering springs and Koni yellow strut inserts,
so it's very stiff at tire pressures over 29 psi.

I'd appreciate any comments on or off list.
Bill (Bremer)

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