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I'm skeptical as to the value of this, has someone validated that the
exhaust is the flow restriction with a 3b running a k24 @ 2.5 bar ?

I have had my 3b 200 avant setup like this for many years with the dual
exhaust, and my friend a trusted tuner also believes it is not a

Maybe full on rs2 setup might require this...... but yeah I
know.....it's certainly not going to hinder performance

David Schaible

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I know you all like bolt-on upgrades and pride yourselves on DIY
installation.  But I'd suggest you all look into good exhaust shops in
your area to have a 3" system custom made on your car.  This is what I
did and I'm very happy with it.

Mine uses the factory 3B downpipe, cut off at the point where it
splits in 2.  Right there if flares out to 3", bends under the car to
a removable cat which I can replace with a test-pipe with the same
connectors.  The exhaust goes up and over the driveshaft, which was
difficult to do in 3", and then has a free flow muffler in the stock
location, bends and comes right out the back.  Putting nice dual tips
on it would've been easy for them, but I didn't care.

It was done exactly as I specified and fits perfectly.  You could use
any muffler to get the right tone, mine's a flowmaster and is quite
loud and gruff sounding.  I chose alluminized steel because it's
cheaper and easier to work with, but they'd have done stainless if I
wanted.  I paid about $750 for this, took them half a day and it was
right the first time.

Consider it.

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