[urq] 3" exhaust

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Tue Aug 9 13:20:28 EDT 2005

I think the point is to compare apples with apples.
The stock 10vt ur-q exhaust is ~2.5" I believe it is
65mm single pipe. The RR used a dual pipe setup (like 
the 200q20vt and ur-S4/S6) from the base of the down 
pipe back. For Audi it would have been much easier for
the last two years of RR production to run a similar
setup to the 10vt cars, this way they wouldn't have had
to make the modifications to the floor. A K24 has to
be quite a bit more restrictive than a K26, add to this 
the additional restriction of a single pipe 65mm exhaust.

Its interesting that the ur-q Euro "cat" essentially
a 12" piece of 65mm pipe that fills the gap where the
cat would go has an internal restrictor. Although it 
certainly won't help make ultimate hp, it's there for
a reason.

I don't expect to reach consensus.

Cheers, Mike

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On Tuesday, August 09, 2005 12:38 PM, Schaible, David wrote:

I'm skeptical as to the value of this, has someone validated that the
exhaust is the flow restriction with a 3b running a k24 @ 2.5 bar ?

I have had my 3b 200 avant setup like this for many years with the dual
exhaust, and my friend a trusted tuner also believes it is not a

Maybe full on rs2 setup might require this...... but yeah I
know.....it's certainly not going to hinder performance

David Schaible

I agree David.  Last year, some CO guys on the s-car list ran a dyno
comparison between a AAN with no exhaust and a AAN with full stock
exhaust system.  In the end, the max power output was identical!  I
can't recall if there was a difference in the spooling/power curve, but
I do not recall there being much of a variance in power between the two
setups.  I can also mention that after having moved from the stock
exhaust system to a 3"
turbo-back Stromung, I perceived no gain in power or spooling response
in my
UrS6 with full RS2 setup.

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