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Bill's right.  The RS6 does still offer/require moving things the "service position" for certain engine repairs, probably including the timing belt.  It's interesting to note, though, that Audi's factory service information says that engine removal is required to replace the four O2 sensors, and it's also required for removal of the right-side cyl.  head cover, let alone the more hidden bits!  Yikes!

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it is called service position, none of the repairs listed require engine removal, who is working on it? ham fist and his cousin Stupid? it takes 10 minutes for that chassis to move the parts to access the parts listed to be replaced. BTDT, Bill

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On Tuesday, August 16, 2005 5:02 PM, n-engelbert at terrans.net wrote:
WRT the O2 sensors, the service interval for those is dangerously similar to the timing belt interval, which in order to replace, the engine also has to come out.

Moral of the story, replace everything that requires engine removal every 60,000 miles.  At a parts cost of $200 (TB, WP, idler pulley), $600 (O2 sensors), $200 (starter), etc. etc. etc. and a labor cost of $2200 (22 hours x $100/hour).  So, probably at least $3500 every 60k.


Nathan Engelbert

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