[urq] RE : The "Bomb" possible cure and a question

Louis_Alain_Richard@computerhorizons.com Louis_Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com
Thu Aug 25 11:15:06 EDT 2005

Maybe my chemistry is too old, but my calculations shows an ambient
pressure of 29 Bar.

To achieve that number, I used the PV=nRT formulae, the Perfect Gases Law.
Don't forget that the temperatures in this formulae are to be expressed in
Kelvin, not Celcius or Fahrenheit.

The figures are :
Gas volume is constant, if the accumulator is empty of oil.
P1 is 32 Bars at T1=313 Kelvin (273K + 40C)
P2 is unknown at T2=293 Kelvin (ambient 20C + 273K)

>From that, considering N2 as a perfect gas, we find
P2=32*313/293= 29 Bar

Am I right ?


urq-bounces at audifans.com wrote on 2005-08-24 15:45:22:

> Datasheet says :
> Maximum accumulator efficiancy is achieved when the
> Pre charge pressure at operating temperature equals
> 0.9* the minimum system pressure .
> Maximum operating pressure should not exceed 4 times
> the precharge pressure .
> So that would be 0.9*36 = 32 Bar at operating temperature .
> Givven this , ambient precharge pressure can be calculated .
> What would normal operating temperature be ?
> My best guess is 40°C/100° F .
> In that case , ambient preset pressure would be 22 Bar .
> As for the max pressure of 57 bar , or even 75 bar in a worst case
> that is still below 4 times the preset value .
> Please , any thoughts / comments are welcome
> Pat

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