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Now that's what I'm talking about! THANKS!

Looking at your RR installation images, the air enters right in front of
the actual fender well. Steve Eiche has told me there was quite a bit of
cutting to be done to fit the RR replacement inner fender well, and I've
only seen the picture of the final installation from the front looking
down. $500 for the inner fender, plus the airbox, and the time to cut,
fit and weld. Looks quite nice, but Ouch!
Steve has also mentioned he feels the RS2 is less restrictive for intake
than the RR. So when Brandon gets back maybe he has some pictures he has
from his install? 

Hope everyone is having a great time back east, that many miles would
have been a bit much for me to drive from Portland too. Although if I
had the time, I would have done it with a more reliable UrQ. I've taken
numerous long drives when my UrQ and that's what it's all about. I've
gotten my money's worth from my UrQ, 230,000 miles and still counting, I
wouldn't trade any of them :)

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The installation of the RR airbox is a lot more difficult than denting
inner fender, as someone else has mentioned.
There is quite a large hole that must be cut in the inner fender.
I actually purchased the factory inner fender piece that replaces the
you need to cut, but it is quite pricey.  $500.

Here is a link to some photos:


Mike Sylvester
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