[urq] Portland OR area listers

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 14:43:03 EST 2005

This is totally NAC, but I don't think anyone here will mind too much.

I'm currently living in Missoula, MT, where the cost of living is
high, but it's made up for by 1972 wages and weeks on end of subzero
temperatures.  I've decided for a number of reasons that it's time to
relocate, but I don't want to leave the Northwest entirely.  I've long
considered Portland to be my first choice.

So, I've begun looking for a job in Portland or the surrounding area. 
I'm a senior network and systems engineer.  If anyone here is a
Portland IT person, and happens to hear of or know about something,
I'd be very appreciative if they could pass any information on it my
way.  I'm not looking for anything past a tip or a phone number, but I
know that combing classifieds and relying on Monster.com will only get
me sor far.

Thanks all.

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