[urq] re - yet another brake pad question

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Mon Dec 19 14:14:50 EST 2005

Just to provide a little counterpoint, I have EBC Green Stuff pads on my S4, and I find 
them to be a little jerky and tough to apply smoothly in ordinary low-temp. street 
driving.  Even 'aggressive' street driving is unlikely to be anywhere near 10/10ths, so 
you may want to consider the downside of pads designed for hot, hard use if of most of 
your driving isn't like that.

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From: "John Stone" <stones at igrin.co.nz>

I'm running EBC ceramic Red Stuff pads all round in my '86 urq - the front calipers are 
Minimal dust, superb, progressive braking - they really suck on to the rotors as you add 
pedal pressure and as a bonus are good for track days too if you ever get the urge.

John Stone 

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