[urq] Should I start and move my urq every 5 weeks - or am Ijustrusting out the rear muffler?

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Sat Dec 31 14:59:39 EST 2005

... an Audi 5000 does not have the same exhaust as an ur-quattro ... unfortunately ...

I never understood why Audi went to the trouble to use stainless steel exhaust pipes on the ury ... but then used standard steel mufflers!  Your concern is indeed valid ... especially if you have a catalytic converter ... which creates gasses which form acids when mixed with liquid water ... which then eat right into the cold rear muffler units.  If you are planning to take the car out for regular runs it is good to be thinking about how warm that rear muffler is getting.  You don't need to get it up to 100degC to get the liquid water to evaporate, but 90degF may be a bit too low ... 

Remember that now you've got alternatives to paying Audi $1000 for a new rear muffler, the unit that Paul Fernandes sells is all stainless, and sells for considerably less than that.  In fact I should have gotten one of them for myself for Christmas ... difficult to justify spending money for that on a car that is stuck in the garage though ... 

Happy New Year to all urq and Audi fans!
Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> I was told by my mechanic that my whole exhaust system is original on the
> 1986 Audi 5000 Quattro with 282,000 km. and I'm sure that many times the car
> was driven without the exhaust system getting hot.
> > I have a 60 foot hilly driveway - so I drive it up and
> > down for 20 minutes to get everything nice and hot -
> > or at least I though.I noticed that the rear muffler
> > did not get hot when I did this on Nov 27.  I measured
> > it at less than 90 degrees.
> >
> > So I'm thinking of giving the car some exercise if
> > temps hit 45F, the negative seems to be that I might
> > just be filling that rear muffler with water.
> >
> > The car is in a garage - once every 5 weeks good as
> > some guys seem to go all winter without giving it
> > exercise.  Will reving it to 4000 rpm add or purge
> > moisture from that cool muffler.  I hear these
> > mufflers are $1000.

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