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Tue Feb 1 15:18:04 EST 2005

I have Bosch/Pierburg EFI listed in the May 1 1983 homog of the A2.   This 
would coincide with the A2's with the dual rear wheel vents.  That  said, I 
still have to dig around in the INV numbering, cuz Audisport used a  couple 
bosch/Pierburg hybrid EFI's in the early cars (just as  Bosch/Pierburg hybrid CIS 
was used prior to efi).  That said, the S1 was  homoged September 1 1983 with a 
more atypical BoschLH-Jetronic fuel injection  system.
Brandon, in terms of the real toys (many carried forward to the S1), May 1  
1983 saw things like the cuts in the bumper, lifting grill with hood, trans  
tunnel modification to take the quick release trans, trailing arm reinforcements 
 for a-arms, and adjustable height springs/perches
Scott J
In a message dated 2/1/2005 1:10:48 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
bob at audisport.com writes:
I actually have the A2 homologation papers... I  should read them and find 
out. Ive browsed them before and I dont remember it  being real specific about 
body stuff, just weight and overall production  chassis.

Brandon Rogers wrote:

all very interesting....I do recall  seeing in the videos etc about how a
small item malfunctioned, ausing her to  DNF...and man those turbo k-cars
kick arse.

So to expand on this rally  stuff...in terms of homologation , how did Audi
homologate the A2?  I  can see how they homologated the alloy block, as
suppposedly there are/were  some alloy blocked cars running around, but what
about the body (wider  flares, taller spoiler) and what about the smaller
motor (~2109cc vs 2144 cs  to give the car a lighter weight requirement)  And
of course - back to  EFI - I guess it was legal to change the basic
operation/architecture of the  motor setup - as the rally cars had EFI
(obviously unlike production cars)  and they aslo had the big FMIC - again
unlike production cars....I guess  there was some flexibility built into the

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