[urq] Dipping vs Blasting

Lawson, Dave dlawson at ball.com
Fri Feb 25 10:55:57 EST 2005

Hi Marc,

You write:

>The reason I am leaning towards the rotisserie is that I am most worried
>about the underside of the car, and will need to strip off the undercoating
>and blast the seams and anywhere there is rust. I figure that this would be
>easiest/most safely done on a rotisserie. Also, if I get the pnuematic
>casters, I will be able to roll the shell outside (gravel driveway) for
>blasting and inside for stripping.
>The rotissarie is only about $1100, so if I use it for multiple projects, I
>should get my money's worth out of it. I may not strip the interior, but I
>have not yet had a chance to make a detailed inspection of it's condition,
>so we'll see.

Team irry (Tacq) has been busy again, check out his setup




check out all the pics of his latest rebuild at 

For $1100, you could buy a welder, some square stock and build your own rotissarie 
like the one shown and still have some $ in you pocket.

Keep us informed, it's great to hear what others are doing.

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