[urq] It's that time again...

Andrew B andrew.sb at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 21:03:54 EST 2005

Why is every e-mail from me asking for help?  Sheesh....

My car is having trouble starting.  This time, it's the battery.  It's
been a long time since the last time I started it, and I didn't drive
it much since it died last.  I got it started using a battery pack,
then I drove it around town for about 10-15 minutes, getting up above
3000 a couple times.  When I got home, no start again.  The battery
seemed to have more juice (than before) but still couldn't crank the

I'm wagering that something has to be replaced, but should I do the
alternator or the battery?  If I go with the alternator, should I get
the W model or not?  Advance and Autozone have alternators with a W
terminal and one without.  Which does mine have (83 stock engine)? 
Does it matter?  thepartsbin.com has a 90 amp model for $150...but
makes no mention of the W terminal.....

Maybe 5 hours on the road tomorrow will charge it?  Ack.  I'm bringing
the battery charger.


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