[urq] Steamboat Winter Driving Event - February 7/8 and February

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Jan 5 11:57:25 EST 2005

I ___thoroughly_____ encourage any urq person to do this event if possible.
It is totally awesome and Scott J/Bob D/Dave H did a _great_ job last year
organizing it.  Seriously it's the most fun you can legally have (that
doesn't involve your girlfriend).

Unfortunately I'll be out of town most of that week so can't make it this
year but may try to get up there Friday afternoon just to catch up with

So Justy what will be your weapon of choice this year?????

-enjoying the frozen snow covered roads thoroughly right now - took me an
hour to make my [normally] four mile drive to work as I took every detour
through neighborghoods to get my car sideways...

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We still have a few openings at our 2 Events at Steamboat Springs Winter
Performance Driving track.  These events (February 7&8 - Mon/Tues and
February 10&11 - Thur/Fri)are track time only from 8am-5pm.  We use the
buddy system of experienced and novice Drivers.  Our experienced driver base
includes many past and present ProRally Drivers (including 92 Champion WG
Giles).  There is no formal instruction, no exercises.  This is NOT
affiliated with the ACNA event in January, but the ACNA event qualifies for
the equivelent mandatory school.

Included some great urq chase video on the home page (Justusson '83 Amazon
chasing Lawson '83 Lahsa Green), and more will follow.


FYI we will have a bunch of urq's there, so far a defacto GTG:
Ingo R - '84 (tornado)
Scott J - '83 (black)
Dave H - '83 (Gobi)
Justin R - '83 (blue)
Amber R - '85 (red)
Dave L - '83 (lahsa green)

FYI II we will have a bunch of S cars there, another D-GTG:
Mike P - Green machine (?)
Erica P - er, Mike?
Lee R - 95.5 Black
WG Giles (92 prorally champion) - 95.5 silver
Bob P (?) - 95 avant

Rogues of note
Pizzo - Evo boy
Pete G - LT1Q (corvette powered 5ktq)

Who are we missing?  :)

Scott Justusson
Gruppe-q Eventmaster Steamboat 2005
David Hackl
Robert Dupree
Safety Steward

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