[urq] Re: urq parts issues.....once again

Jon Linkov jon at audiclubna.org
Thu Jan 20 06:56:19 EST 2005

Jon me? Unfortunately, my current employer prevents me from doing such a
thing (petitioning AoA/Audi AG), and I'm pretty removed from ACNA

It's a problem not only in the US, but overseas too. I'm confident Phil P is
a better authority to speak on this, but reading some recent issues of Audi
Driver returns some letters from UrQ owners who find the same problem: Audi
UK/AG doesn't offer parts for the cars anymore.

BUT...since AoA and ACNA are a lot more chummy the past few years, I'll
e-mail some comments to the BoD and ask that they make old-vehicle parts
availability a "talking point" during their 2005 meeting with AoA in
Michigan. Never know what will happen.

Of course (sarcasm alert) I love the fact that at the Detroit Auto Show, at
the Audi press conference, a nice 4-color booklet was handed out that talked
all about the old cars, the history of the marque, the UrQ, etc, etc. It's a
fine car for them to wax nostalgic about....just not support outside the


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> Subject: parts issues.....once again>
> I believe we should petition Audi to support the NA urq community.  We
> were going to do this, but wound up not doing it based on the fact that
> only a few parts were NLA ??  The fact still is that most parts that are
> available, are double the price here compared to germany, switzerland
> etc....even with a poor US currency value.  We were going to have the
> Quattro club help but I believe the effort was abandoned.  Maybe someone
> involved in the club (jon ??) can help us bring this to attention here
> or in germany.........you can only fit so much stuff in your luggage and
> mailing the larger heavier items can get pricey also, although usually
> cheaper and more efficient than getting bent over by local audi dealers.
> I don't have "audi connections" but will help as I can to get the ball
> rolling, I can supply recent, accurate data on parts purchased in Europe
> and brought here vs. ridiculous US dealer prices. Maybe some case
> studies of restoration work be used as part of an petition??

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