[urq] Parts, etc

Jon Linkov jon at audiclubna.org
Thu Jan 20 08:10:52 EST 2005

Here is a letter I wrote this morning, to ACNA (not saying WHO I sent it
to), regarding UrQ parts availability. Crossing my fingers that it might
help just a bit (though I know it won't have any effect):

Dear _______, 

There is a lot of hoopla from Audi (AG in particular) about the anniversary
of the quattro, etc, etc. However, the parts supply for the original Turbo
quattro coupes in this country (and world-wide, from what I have heard) is
very poor. In many cases the parts are always NLA.

In light of the Carlisle event that ACNA, the NSU club, and the UrQ
Preservation Group are attending this year, to celebrate and promote the
success of the Audi brand, I'm asking (on behalf of UrQ owners in the US and
Canada) for you to make a strong statement to your contacts at Audi AG/AoA
during your meeting with them in Detroit (and possibly Ingolstadt) this
year. Please let them know that they NEED, no..MUST... address this problem.
It's hypocritical of Audi to use images of the UrQ in their advertising, but
not support these cars with even a meager supply of parts, particularly
high-wear items.

ACNA is really the only group (in North America) that has the ear of Audi on
matters such as this, and club members who support the marque by keeping
these cars running are reaching a point of no return. Rather than seeing
these cars increase in status as an important piece of automotive history,
they are being dumped for pennies on the dollar by owners who can't keep
them running. Is that a fitting end for a car that was a world-class sports
car? I think not.

It also seems that it's not a good idea to own a low-volume Audi, or at
least be the LAST person to own such a car. What does that say to owners of
the RS6, upcoming RS4, or even the super-exclusive LeMans (if it is built),
say ten-to-fifteen years after the cars cease production? To me, it says
Audi feels "good luck, thanks for the money".

I don't expect miracles, but I hold out hope for something positive.

Best regards,

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