[urq] UPG 05...a couple options...repost

Gary Brown gmbchef at comcast.net
Tue Jan 25 17:20:28 EST 2005

 It would make a heavy impact on the Audi clubs and possibly Audi
  > if we can show up at Carlisle with as many urqs as possible. The dates
  > this event are 5-20 thru 5-23. Carlisle is located in south-central
  > Pennsylvania, near Gettysburgh.
  > Registration info is a couple of threads below this one.
  > Also, we can continue to do the same as in the past, ie; private
  > picnic/ get together.
  > Not sure if Felix or his property will be available this time, but I
  > try to secure that as soon as we decide collectively what is best for
  > UPG.
  > I will also post this to the AudiWorld forums.
  > Thanks guys.
  > Gary
  > PS: I will not be able to attend the entire Carlisle event due to work
  > commitments.
  > PPS: I am looking at putting my urq in the paint shop the next month or
  > Hopefully it will be ready for the next UPG event wherever it may be!
  > One more:

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