[urq] Water Pump and Timing Belt was "help"

Jim Haseltine jim_haseltine at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 25 19:00:46 EST 2005

Water pump = medium job

 Timing belt = big job

 I reckon I can do an Ur-q water pump in a couple of hours but I've only 
 done a couple as just pumps, I've done loads as part of a complete
 pump/timing belt/idle roller job and that requires removal of the front
 bumper and air dam. Now _that_ can stretch things to well over 5 hours and
 that's on my car where all the bumper and air dam mountings are stainless


 Jim Haseltine

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> Thanks all for being so helpful.
> Right now i'm looking at roughly 450 for the water pump and the labor
> to do it.  He wants 750 to do the timing belt while he's in there.
> The guy is a dick, however, as judging by the bentley manual (yes I
> have one) the timing belt is right there, and shouldn't be impossible
> to throw a new one on, plus doing the timing, which could add an hour
> or so.  Right now I just told him to put the new water pump in, but he
> hasn't gotten to the tb yet, so I don't know what shape it's in.  I
> told him the PO installed one not too long ago, just because I can't
> afford the extra $300 right now.

> Frustrated.
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