[urq] Spongy Brake Pedal

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 25 21:30:07 EST 2005

Unless you know the age of the M/C, Ii probably would have done it with all 
the upgrades, cheap and easy enough.  That said when I bleed the system, 
even with a pressure bleeder I will also excercise the M/C vis a vis someone 
pumping the pedal.  Still sounds like air vs mechanical though.  If you do 
go new I prefill M/C directly then bleed as usual. HTH

From: "Pasqualoni, James E" <>


I am having trouble correcting a spongy brake pedal that does finally does
finally firm up and grab, albeit close to the floor.  The calipers, rotors,
pads, hoses and lines have been replaced.  I am using ATE Blue fluid, and
the master cylinder and lines have been bled twice.  Rear calipers have been
adjusted with the foot on pedal/ratcheting ebrake method.  The pedal gains
significant resistance after this adjustment, but when the car is driven,
the pedal becomes spongy again.  My first thoughts were master cylinder, but
my understanding is that the pedal would not become firm before hitting the
floor if this was the case.

Any BTDT please?


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