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Here is some research I did in '97 or '98 perhaps it will help.

> Last week I posted a message quoting a parts person as
> saying all WB (68,75,82) will accept the same hubs.  This
> is not true. Thanks to Stott Hare who provided me with the size info. 
> on the 75 mm bearings I have been able to compile the following table.

> The 68 mm bearing I measured was used, and I neglected to get a 
> measurement for width. All measurements are rounded to the nearest mm.
> OD      ID      W
> 68       39
> 75       42      37
> 82       42      37
> >From this and what I have gleaned from the parts books I
> have read, the 75 and 82 bearings use the same hub.
> Bruce

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I need some help searching for a replacement hub in an effort to
update my Urq to a later-model suspension with the two-piece
knuckle/strut.   I was hoping to press my stock Urq rear hub into
a 1990 90q rear knuckle and maintain the correct brake rotor offset.
Unfortunately, the hub does not quite fit and ends up contacting
the knuckle.  So, I am looking for a 5-bolt Audi hub that uses a
75mm wheel bearing and also has the large offset necessary to keep
the rear wheels at approximately the same track width (and also
works with the Urq/urS4 rear rotors, if possible).

Any suggestions?  The S2 rear hub is too shallow.  The S2 front
hub has the right offset but uses an 82mm wheel bearing.  urS4
rear hubs use 82mm wheel bearings (don't know about the offset).
When doing the search for the front, I found that the S2 Avant
had the correct hub to install in 90v6 front knuckles and fit the
Urq brakes.  So, I think there is a chance that some hub exists
for what I want to do, and I just need to discover it.

'82 Urquattro 
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