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Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
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Yes, 911 turbo used CIS all the way to the monster 3.6 (0-60 in shade over 4
I was shocked when I founf that out...

If you want to split hairs though, ovlov P1800 used a fuel injection (driven
by the dizzy) back in early 70's.

One reason for Audi to use CIS might be contract restriction from Bosch.
Or that it was simply reliable and ran clean enough to pass emissions.

Anyone else?

Martin Pajak


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was re-reading the Motorsport Magazine from ~December that featured Stig
Blomquist re-visiting some of his past cars - including the quattro A2 ( His
favorite!), SQ, RS200, ...others.  Anyway in their mentioned that one of the
changes to the car in A2 form A1 form was the introduction of Motronic.  I
found this interesting because I've always wondered why it took Audi so long
to shift production cars to Motronic from CIS.  BMW was using Motronic in
the mid 80's.  Then recently I read that a Porsche Turbo as late as the 90's
still used CIS ( 1994 3.6 single turbo???)


'84 urq w/ Motronic
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