[urq] Road trip for New URQ!

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Sun Jul 3 22:31:00 EDT 2005

I will be taking a road trip sometime in the next 10 days to secure a new  to 
me URQ. After flying into Burlington Vermont, I will be coming down from  
Vermont and then probably across I 80 to Denver. Any advice on routes to take or  
avoid would be appreciated.
Time will be of the essence, so any long stop overs probably won't be  
possible, although a dinner with fellow listers would be greatly enjoyed at the  
sleep-over stops, which as yet are undetermined. Any points along the  way to 
acquire emergency help would be helpful as well.
My wife has declined the trip, and most friends and fellow gear heads  either 
can't or don't want to go on such an adventure. Any volunteers to share  ride 
and drive for ~2000 miles in an old car?
I'm very eager to be back in the functional URQ owner fraternity!

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