[urq] We made it to Hawaii!

eric harten audi90sq at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 17:37:04 EDT 2005

Just wanted to let folks know that the UrQ and I made it to Hawaii in one
piece.  The cross country trip was quite a blast (even with a leaking bypass
valve).  Got a chip in my new paint a half inch past the bra!  Oh well the. 
The shipping company amazingly did no damage getting the car out the the
island.  Not bad for a 6000 mile trip.  Now I just have to deal with the very
slow pace of traffic around here.  Luckily the local road course is only 10 min
from my house.  Surprise surprise, there is no Hawaiian chapter of the Quattro
Club!  I might have to start one.  I am also starting to re-think the
brilliance of not putting the AC back in my car.  At least they don't salt the
roads (juast the air).  I have even had a few locals recognise the car.  There
is hope yet.  Well, if anyone finds themselves out this way, please look me up.
 The beaches out here rock!

Eric Harten

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