[urq] Cruise control

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Jul 8 13:10:57 EDT 2005

Yep thems be the ones I'm talkin about.

so like those clear little things - where did you get them  - hardware 

Thanks for the good idea L-A.


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>> 2.)  But I'm pretty sure its the vacuum vent valves.  Any good tips on
>> adjusting these?
>> Brandon
>> '84 ur
> Hi Brandon,
> Are you talking of the valves at the pedal cluster ?
> If so, then I found a way to have them behave correctly: I just put some
> silicone closet doors bumps on the tip of the plunger. That way, the
> natural resting position is further in (and with greater force), and the
> valves are now leak free. Before, a small bump in the road was enough to
> make the CC disconnect. Now, it doesn't unhook at each bump, and I didn't
> had to remove the switches from the pedal cluster.
> HTH,
> Louis-Alain 

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