[urq] 20vt parts pics...

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Fri Jul 8 22:53:24 EDT 2005

whoa! playing with car stuff with that type of foot thangy on is not quattro 
approved, prolly verboten, you could loose a toe, that is hanging by the 
pool footwear, not hanging by the URQ footwear, be carefull, see you 
saturday Jonno, Bill PS yeah I have the pilot bearing puller
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> For those of you just starting down the 20v path (if only in your
> imagination), a few pics of the custom downpipe that was made for my car
> compared to the factory s4 downpipe, as well as the 3B flywheel which (so
> I'm told) must be used with 3B(from '91 200q20v) or AAN(From 92-96 S4/S6)
> 20vt motors if they are to mate up with a 4kq or urq transmission. Once 
> the
> clutch project is done I'm hoping not to have to take the exhaust out 
> again
> for a long time, so...
> http://home.comcast.net/~urq20vt/stuff.html
> After an 18-month hiatus from urq projects (major regime/territory changes
> at home), I'm hoping to tackle a few of the more "interesting" 
> swap-related
> projects this summer (power brake and steering solutions,oil cooler 
> upgrade,
> 944t intercooler evolution) in addition to the clutch replacement, and 
> will
> be posting more pics and info on those topics as well...
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