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A2000sportster at aol.com A2000sportster at aol.com
Sun Jul 17 21:20:16 EDT 2005

Radiators, interesting your timing Bill.

I was the guy that was working to get the radiators built and doing a Group 

I just finished working up some quotes for radiators, exactly like the 
Dinlynx (sorry for the spelling) one I bought from John Karasaki. The prices I got 
were not very cheap, if we produce one exactly like mine it's $675 for the 
first one, and if we are doing a quantify of 5-15 $600 each, if more we can get 
they might be able to get around $580. The shop I went to saw the Dinlynx and 
all the shop guys were totally drooling all over it, they were very impressed 
with it's quality and finish.

If anyone is interested I'd be happy to volunteer to do the work but I'm not 
going to order anything for anyone until it would is paid for. I'm going to 
start my conversion real soon, so it has to happen real fast. Please forward to 
any and all lists where anyone would want this.

Cheaper than the price at 2B ($795 I think) but I guess we will have to see 
the interest in a GB. But 034 EFI radiator is much cheaper, can't vouch for the 
build quality.

All my interested persons list from a couple months ago is in a computer at a 
former employer.

Jack Walker
Cellular   503)807-3807

a2000sportster at aol.com
jackw at ihco.com

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My Son's '86 4000 CSQ turbo has a leaking radiator, of course he wants 
something sweet like the one Jon has in his '85 URQ20v. any one with a 
source suggestion?
  Bestus, Bill 

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