[urq] A new urQ owner, and a big problem...

Rich Letsinger rletsinger at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 13:41:08 EDT 2005

>I would avoid the later MC engine (8.4:1), as this is the route I
took on one of my cars... and the result was a bit of detonation at
one specific engine speed.  Still worked fine, however... but made me
> Steve at Shadetree did the remap of the MAC02 chip for me.

I currently have the car that Dave's referring to here.  It certainly
did work fine with just the block and head swapped and the chip
remapped.  And that engine came with a water cooled K24.  Although,
Dave's/mine was not nearly as fast as a chipped MC-2 equipped 200.

By the way, I've since removed that engine from the urq and I have
that remapped MAC-02 sitting around.  If anyone plans to do this swap
you can get this ECU from me.


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