[urq] A new urQ owner, and a big problem...

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Yes, it's that easy... but you must remap the ECU to accomodate the compression increase.  It's also a good time to get things set up for a water cooled turbo as well.
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One question then: you just swap the engine block and head, and keep ALL
the ancilliaries of the WX ? CIS, IM, EM, all the works ? It is THAT easy ?


Dave Dawson wrote on 2005-07-19 13:02:21:

> All that being said... it is still viable to simply "plug in" an MC
> into the UrQ.  If cost is the main concern, an early (single knock
> sensor, 7.8:1) MC can be installed with NO changes to any other system
> in the UrQ except for a reprogramming of the ECU chip to back off the
> timing.  I would avoid the later MC engine (8.4:1), as this is the
> route I took on one of my cars... and the result was a bit of
> detonation at one specific engine speed.  Still worked fine,
> however... but made me nervous.
> Steve at Shadetree did the remap of the MAC02 chip for me.
> My personal opinion is that the WX offers no benefit whatsoever over
> the MC... except for the unique sound.  Hydraulic lifters found in the
> MC work great if you use OE spec oil filters, and not orange ones.
> Dave

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