[urq] A new urQ owner, and a big problem...

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
Wed Jul 20 13:47:35 EDT 2005

Ah, after a quick study of Scott Mockry's web site, there was a VIN break
for the KH motor in 85 at 44-F-034551.  Subsequent KH motors produced for
the 85 model year appear to be water-jacketed K26's...

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There is also a late '85 5kt that has a dual oil filter housing and a water
cooled turbo, but I don't remember if it was a KH or MC.
Mike Sylvester

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com Tue Jul 19 15:49:02 EDT 2005
You are correct.  It is a 2.144, dual oil filter housing, oil-cooled turbo
**BUT** with hydraulic valves....

But yer WX is running a water-cooled K24 with compression of like 2.5:1
right??? ;-)

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