[urq] 1.8T or V8? Decisions, decisions...

Jeffrey Goggin jeffrey.goggin at cox.net
Mon Jul 25 20:51:50 EDT 2005

> WRT the transmission: don't overlook the gear ratios matching. Your 1.8T
> looks like an high-strung revver, so swapping a 4.11 1984-up setup might be
> the way to go. I, for one, don't like the 3.89 1983 tranny. Only 3rd gear
> is fun, but way to fast for my (slow...) ice racing or mountain night
> driving.

While I sold my NOS Type 016 gearbox with a 4.11 final drive last year (for a mere $600 ... should have kept it!), I still have the used one that I picked up a few years ago.  That said, I don't think of the 1.8T engine as a being particularly rev-happy.  With the chip mod, redline is increased to 7100rpm, but with the K04, etc., it stops pulling not too far past 6000rpm.

> Finally, I guess the harder task will be which engine management to use:
> new cars all have the multiplexed electrical system, so going to a custom
> setup might be the "easiest" way to go.

In this instance, it will be OEM all the way.  Private correspondence 
from an Audi Tech confirms there is no immoblilizer setup on the '99 A4s 
and since I have the complete wiring harness (all the way back to the 
fuse box!), the only thing I'll need to add to the existing UrQ 
electricals is an electronic speedo, since the A4 ECU uses this signal 
for some purporse or other.  Since I also have the Type 016 out of my 
'89 200q on hand, I should be able to just swipe its electrical speedo 
drive setup...

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