[urq] No hot start (speed or reference sensor?)

Louis_Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com Louis_Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com
Tue Jul 26 17:09:36 EDT 2005

In the good old days, it was :"It's always ignition".

Testing for spark is very easy, you only need an old spark plug that you
connect to cylinder #1 wire, with the plug body conveniently resting in the
hole of that big bracket at the front of the engine. Isn't that bracket
made specifically for that ? :-P

No kidding, my limited comprehension of ignition let me believe that if
there is spark, the system works. So rule that out before looking for fuel

If indeed there is no spark, there is at least three areas to look for,
before replacing components at random:

1- the ignition control module (ICU) is grounded at the top of the intake
manifold near the cold start valve. Flaky wire = no spark. Ask me how I
2- The coil and many other engine components (maybe the timing sensors ???)
are grounded on the coil bracket. When I was poking there to clean these
ground wires, the stud where they are bolted just sheared with a very small
effort. Give it a look.
3- The ICU is in the top of the glovebox: verify if there is dielectric
grease between the ICU and its heat sink: there is a reason this stuff is

Good luck and HTH,


> But, the tach will not move at all when cranking hot.  Then, all of a
> sudden, the tach will move while cranking, and the car will start.  Maybe
> it's all in my head.
> Sorry for the long reply, there will probably be more while I try to
> this down.
> Nathan Engelbert

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