[urq] WX 000 011... anyone have an earlier??

W. Bremer wbremer at maine.rr.com
Tue Jul 26 22:23:12 EDT 2005

Hi, Martin:
Since you asked:
There are 11 "North American spec" 1982 urq with lower car VINs than 572--if
you count 00051 that has been dismantled  :-(

By US spec, I mean NA VIN codes as opposed to the gray market cars with
WAUZZZ type VINs.  There are 11 1981 gray-market cars, and 22 total
documented (a car linked to an actual owner and not just a rumor of an '82)
1982 urqs--NA (17) and Euro spec (5).  Sorry, I did not
collect WX or WR motor codes in the Registry.
But 572 is new to the registry--sorry, no history

Such conjecture and rumor that exists suggests that the 17 1982 North
American spec cars were dealer promotion cars brought over by Audi for the
dealers to show.  In a 1987 letter from Audi of America, these 1982 cars
were not noted--everything was classed as an '83 model year (wrong!)

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