[urq] 034 efi guage pod

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Wed Jul 27 02:11:21 EDT 2005

the intercooler temp guage and the heat sink was too long and too wide, 
beleive me I would have loved to just pass the wires to the right side vent 
of the cluster housing, and no fucking way would I fuck with a $250.00 
guage, it has a housing that is never touched, ever, we have two at our 
house, mine in a fucking glove, tony's moved from the lower dash to the pod 
from Javad
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> Bill,
> Why not just feed the wires through the triangular access panel on the 
> cluster cover?  That's what I've seen done before.. saves from cutting a 
> hole, nicking the dash and inhaling all sorts of nusty stuff..
> Just my $0.02 CDN
> Martin Pajak
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>>the crack is right of center and not an issue, the nick thang was to let
>>anyone doing this mod to be careful, I was not looking for a smartass 
>>you cut the hole, let's see how you do Mike, did you notice the URQ in the
>>pictures? NOPE! thanks for your input. IE, not interner explorer,,whoops,
>>gotta go, I am not gonna flame URQ listers. regards, bill
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>>> Nicked the windshield???
>>> Looks to me like there is already a huge crack in the driver's line of
>>> vision.
>>> Or is that crack a result of the "nick"?
>>> How did you get the cutoff tool that close to the glass when you were
>>> cutting at the edge of the dash?
>>> Using a 12" wheel?
>>> Mike Sylvester
>>> ------------------------------------
>>> ...I nicked his windshield with the cut
>>> off wheel, out of vision line fortunately...
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