[urq] Re: Billy B. and the hole in the dash

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Wed Jul 27 14:22:49 EDT 2005

Why am I getting copied on every one of these responses?
Just because I made a comment that was meant to be somewhat humorous.
I really don't care what he does with his car. I enjoyed his photo. I just thought I could make him chuckle.


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  You know what never ceases to amaze me about audifans? Their ability to jump all over each other with their smart-alec 20/20 hindsight in a public forum at the most inappropriate times. 

  Whether or not you have an issue with Bill and his antics, climbing all over him because you think you've finally found a mistake he made when he's trying to SHARE something and offer an endorsement of a good vendor (034efi) seems a bit "revenge of the nerds" to me.

  Bill's son's car which got the hole cut in it is a 300+k mile 4kcsq which already had a crack in the windshield. I hardly think a hole in the dash is going to take much away from the resale value considering the best thing the car's got going for it is the engine and the other mods they have done. It's not like they are planning to de-mod it to sell as an all-original 4kcsq (ooh!).

  And by the way, I think Garrison Keillor is pretty damn cool. 

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